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How to Be the Best Leader Possible Within your Company

There is a definite difference between being a manager and a leader. If you are looking to become the best leader possible this year, consider these tips. Don’t Be the Micro-Manager While the devil is in the details, the manager certainly should not be. When you take on the role of leadership within a company, […]

Investing in a Learning Based Company Culture

One of the major reasons employees leave their current position is lack of opportunity and stagnant career growth. If you work to create a learning-based culture, rooted in personal and professional development, you could help your employees feel more fulfilled. Here are a few ways your company can invest in building a culture around learning. […]

Resume Best Practices for Contract Workers

If you’ve worked in several contract or temporary roles, your resume may end up looking a bit different than that of your peers. Consider these tips and best practices to make your resume shine, no matter what your career history looks like.   Make Sure You Customize your Resume Having just one resume is not […]

Is it Time you Break up with your Toxic Job?

Negativity in the workforce can have a poisonous effect. Sometimes bosses are bullies, or coworkers stab each other in the back. Sometimes shame and blame are weaponized to make your life miserable. These actions can cause significant and long-lasting damage to your mental health and career. To avoid this, be quick to identify and respond […]

5 Reasons You’re Losing your Top Talent

Finding qualified talent is hard, but keeping a fully staffed team can be even harder these days. To help keep your top talent on board, you need to know what they are looking for from a career and from an employer. That means recognition, motivation, and growth. In the meantime, here are five reasons you […]

Workplace Winter Safety Best Practices

Winter weather comes with all sorts of different risks and vulnerabilities on a job site. Knowing what to expect and how to manage when a storm hits can mean the difference between success and real safety concerns. Make sure you know how to prepare to keep your team safe this winter. Here are a few […]