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How to Be the Best Leader Possible Within your Company

There is a definite difference between being a manager and a leader. If you are looking to become the best leader possible this year, consider these tips.

Don’t Be the Micro-Manager

While the devil is in the details, the manager certainly should not be. When you take on the role of leadership within a company, it is essential to acknowledge that delegation is part of your job. Doing it is one thing, doing it well is another. You do not want to constantly be looking over your team’s shoulders, making sure the job is done right. That breeds resentment in your team and reveals your lack of confidence in your own leadership.

Be Thorough and Thoughtful

Rather than micro-managing your staff, take a step back and be smart in what and how you delegate. Pick the right person for the job and make sure they have the resources they need to meet your expectations. Take time to delegate properly and be thorough in your definition of the scope of the activity you are handing off. Be mindful and strategic of who you are assigning the task to. Keep their skills and existing workload in mind because, in most cases, it is still you who will be held accountable when the day is done.

Understand the Power of Delegation

Delegation isn’t the avoidance of work, quite the opposite, in fact. Delegation is making room in your schedule for higher-level tasks that only you can deliver on. The power of delegation is in its ability to clear space for other work. It provides the opportunity to balance workloads, give opportunities to employees with certain strengths, and use everyone’s skills to the best of their ability. Delegation allows for newly assigned work to get done on time or with the right level of quality, which is critical to the long-term success of any company. It also provides junior employees with the opportunity to hone their skills while still under the guidance of a more senior staff member.

Delegation isn’t just a benefit of experience and hierarchy; it is a tool best used to balance workload and improve the performance of a company. It is most effective when it is done without pressure and with a strategic mindset toward growing the success of everyone involved. By delegating tasks, you can take on more or more interesting work that will help your company grow. You will become more efficient and effective on the job, and junior staff members have the chance to prove themselves “in the field.” It might be tough to let go of the work you are so committed to, but to grow, it must be done and done right.

Be Open to Feedback

Learning how to be a leader comes from listening to the needs of those you lead. So, make sure that you are actively asking for and being receptive to feedback from your peers and from your team. Not every criticism will be actionable, but it will at least give you visibility into what is and isn’t working.

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