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4 Hacks to Improving your Commute with Public Transportation

Taking public transportation for work isn’t always easy, but sometimes it really is the best way to get to work and back. There are several things you can improve your commute if you focus on creating an experience you enjoy. Here are a few hacks to help you on your way!

Plan your Travel Times

Knowing when you need to be at your stop to grab the bus is critical to making sure you get where you need to go on time. Having bus schedules and routes planned out well before traveling is the best way to reduce wait times and missed busses. Spend some time getting to know the routes and the general area where you’ll be catching or getting off the bus. Do you know where to park? Do you know how late the stations are open? This is all really important information that you are better off knowing ahead of time rather than figuring out on the fly. While it’s true that public transportation isn’t always the most reliable form of transportation, it’s wonderful when you plan ahead, knowing where you need to be and by when.

Use the App

If your city has a public transportation app, they are great tools to help you travel to and from work by bus or other options like ferries or trollies. If you have everything from schedules to route information all available to you on your mobile device, you can be much more responsive to things like stop closures or late buses. If there’s not a local public transportation app available where you live and commute, check Google maps. Many cities have public transportation information available now all in the same place you get easy directions.

Find Something to Listen To

A commute is a great time to check out some good music, a podcast, or even books on tape. The time you spend on the bus when you’re not driving is really easy to put to good use when you listen to something great. Good music can put you in a good mood as you start or wind down for the day. Podcasts and audiobooks are entertaining or educational. It’s a great way to transition to or from work for the day.

Tax-Free Commuter Benefits

Beyond the savings you may get by traveling by public transportation, there may be some tax benefits to doing so as well. Many companies offer tax-free commuter benefits, so make sure you sign up if you have the option to. It can save you a little money on things like bus fares or other fees that accompany your commute. And every penny saved these days will help you stretch your dollar further.


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