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Green Flags to Spot in Potential Employer

Interviewing can be a real grind. There’s as much disappointment in learning an employer isn’t the right fit for you as in getting rejected by them. We’ve all heard of red flags to look out for in a potential employer, but what about green flags? If you haven’t been looking, you should!

If you’re currently in the middle of a job search, keep your eye out for these potential green flags to help you find the right fit for your career.

Green Flag #1. Tenured Employees

Companies that are able to retain employees long enough to leverage their experience and build reliable processes and iterate on past successes are the ones who are worth working for. Turnover is a challenging topic for employers to manage, especially during times of the so-called Great Resignation. That’s why you know that if an employer is prioritizing retention, they’re someone worth investing your time with.

Green Flag #2. Engaged Team Members

Engagement is something professionals are demanding from their work more than ever before. The job shouldn’t just be a means to a paycheck. It should be something that keeps you interested and motivated. There’s good work out there, and if you find an opportunity where your team is engaged and present, that’s a green light to join in. Good morale at work can make a huge difference in your sense of satisfaction on the job.

Green Flag #3. Inspiring Leadership

The best jobs are great because of the leadership you work with. Great leaders come in many different shapes and sizes, but the key is that the people you work with inspire you to do your best work. A strong connection with supervisors and business leaders in a role is very important. The way leadership interacts with the team you will be joining should make you eager to get involved too.

Green Flag #4. Good Work/Life Balance

Getting a feel for what the work-life balance is in a job can be a little challenging when the only perspective you get is that of your interviewer. But there are some other points that can help you better understand whether a company does value work/life balance for its employees. Asking about vacation and sick leave policies helps get a good idea of the culture. Remote work or flexible shifts can also be a good indicator or a positive work/life balance. Asking about what the expectations would be in regards to hours online or on the job can be very revealing as well. Gather several different perspectives outside of the interview as well to get a better read on the reality of the work culture if you can.


If you’re looking for help finding that green flag employer, consider kicking off your search with Bergman Brothers today!