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How to Stay Motivated During the Job Hunt

Applying to dozens of jobs and getting frequently rejected certainly takes its toll on people. But no one gets a job without asking for one. Consider these tips to help stay motivated on your job hunt. They can make a world of difference in building up your resilience and helping stay true to your career goals.

Take Care of Yourself

There’s no such thing as a perfect career. The one common thread you will find among the most successful professionals on the market today is that they pushed through the tough times and focused on their passions and their strengths. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself through it all, whether that means surrounding yourself with the people and environments you need to feel supported, eating right and exercising, and even finding inspiration where it’s needed. Remember that there is an only improvement when we learn from our failures. So make sure you have what you need to keep at it and keep trying even when your job search seems to be going nowhere.

Celebrate Your Wins

The most important thing you can do when taking on a job search is to stay motivated. You need to maintain a positive attitude and trust that your skills and abilities are needed. Know your value. Find your unique skill set. What makes you different than any other candidate on the market today? That’s what will help you drive your career forward. Sometimes it’s just about finding the right job at the right time. But another big tip is to celebrate even your small wins. If you get an interview, mark it as a win. If you reconnect with a previous employer or coworker, that counts too. While the end goal might be a new job, there are plenty of small wins along the way that are worth celebrating.

Stay Positive and Keep Trying

A positive mindset is the most helpful tool to help you persevere through difficult times. Stay positive but also keep learning and growing. Set and accomplish small, actionable goals. Track your progress over time. The end game may be a new job, or a better salary, or even a different position than the one you recently left, but you won’t get there just by waiting around. You need to set realistic and measurable goals that propel you forward and help you stay motivated. Commit to applying to five new jobs every day. Reach out and connect with 10 professionals on social media every week. Think about the baby steps you need to take to get from A to Z. Then go out and do it.

Get the Help You Need To Do Your Best

Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. Professionally, most job seekers do much better when they have someone on their side who they know is looking out for them and cheering them on as well. Working with a recruiter is like having a personal career coach and cheerleading squad all in one. They can help you make the connections you need or get the experience you need to land the job you’re really looking for.



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