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Use These Three Nonverbal Cues During Your Next Interview

Do you have an interview coming up? Congrats! Make sure you’re fully prepared for your interview & are putting your best foot forward. Body language speaks more loudly than words sometimes. If you’re not mindful of your nonverbal cues, you might be doing more harm than you know. In an interview, your thoughts and emotions may be sending the wrong message, and you might be too nervous even to realize what you are projecting. But you can change that.

Want to exude confidence? Make sure to use these three nonverbal cues that will make your interviewer take you seriously.

Show Confidence and Interest with Good Posture

Body language tells your interviewer as much as the words you use in an interview setting. You want to come across as confident in your abilities and interested in the position you are applying for. In terms of non-verbal communication, you can boost your confidence level by taking a moment or two to stand with legs planted wide, shoulders back, and hands-on-hips. Power poses help boost your confidence and can help calm your nerves before an interview. Make sure you sit or stand up straight, make good eye contact, and avoid fidgeting to make a positive first impression in the interview itself. Show your interest in the conversation by smiling where appropriate and leaning forward slightly in your chair.

Watch Your Breath

Overly fast breathing is a common reaction to a tense situation. But breathing too rapidly can only make those jitters worse. Make a conscious effort to control your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slow it down to a slightly slower than normal pace to calm your body and focus your mind. Think about what a positive outcome for this interview is and what it would sound and feel like. This can help slow your speaking, calm jittery limbs, and steady a shaky voice as well. You’ll soon be centered and calm enough to put on your best show for an interview.

Meet Standing Up

Another confidence-boosting tip is to stay standing up while waiting to meet your interviewer. If you are in person, meeting them at their level when first introduced is an excellent way to boost your confidence and their opinion of your confidence as well. It also gives you the chance to fit in a little subtle power posing before your interview and keeps your blood flowing. And if you are being interviewed over the phone, take the call standing up. It will help you achieve the same confidence boost without your interviewer even knowing.

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