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How to Boost your Team’s Morale

There are so many things that go into an employee’s sense of contentment in their work. A big part of your job as a manager is to keep a finger on the pulse of your team’s morale and make adjustments when necessary. While obviously compensation and work play a big part in that feeling of happiness at work, there are several little things employers can do to help promote worker retention and keep your team spirits high. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Your Team Engaged

Talented employees are interested in doing work that keeps them engaged and intellectually stimulated, whatever their role and even their industry. The job market is full of opportunities to capitalize on, so for you to make sure your employees are happy on the job, make sure they are engaged and excited about the work they are doing. Managers should keep their fingers on the pulse of each team members’ overall engagement level and interests, as well as their performance—because often, the two are inextricably linked.

Creating an open conversation about goal setting and career development will bring the long-term interests of an employee into the forefront of the conversation.  Understanding how skills and value build off each other within the context of the projects employees work on is critical. This provides the information you need as a manager to directly engage and maintain their interest.  Offering the opportunity for regular one-on-one meetings or mentorship programs can help make employees feel that their leadership is fully invested in their engagement, their success, and their overall happiness.

Communicate Better

Today’s workers are looking to be included in decision-making processes, and really communicated with rather than spoken to or managed. You can do this by increasing communication touchpoints and make adjustments to communication styles as needed. It might be as simple as scheduling frequent meetings with the team, or ensuring policies and business practices are documented in writing and shared openly with everyone on staff. Siloed workers are less likely to feel happy on the job, so make sure your team is talking to each other, and that you are talking to them as well.

Show Your Appreciation

One of the greatest contributors to unhappiness in the workforce is the feeling of being unappreciated. There are lots of little ways you can show your appreciation as a manager. Often it is simply about recognition. Each employee has a different way in which they feel appreciated, and managers are regularly tasked with finding out how their top performers prefer to be recognized and rewarded for their successes.

Build a Strong Team Culture

In terms of overall worker happiness, the modern workforce is looking for more than the basic benefits and compensation packages. There will always be another company willing to offer a little more money to retain their top employees, so consider what you can offer beyond a pay increase. It really comes down to work culture in the end. If your workers feel that they are part of the team, that they work well with others in their immediate circle of influence, and that they enjoy most of their personal interactions throughout their day, chances are that they will be more likely to stay.

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