Five Signs your Employee is About to Quit

If you haven’t heard about the Great Resignation, we’re living in it. Employees are leaving their places of employment at record rates this year. A big part of that is that we’re living and working in a candidate’s market these days. As a business owner, it’s especially important that you retain your top talent and […]

How to Prepare for a Phone Screen with a Recruiter

When working with a recruiter, it’s common that they’ll want to perform a “phone screen.” Consider this stage of the interview process as a pre-interview. It’s like a warm-up that will help you and the recruiter get a better understanding of your skills and what you are looking for from your next job. It’s very […]

How to Establish Boundaries with your Employees

Continuing on in the thread of establishing and enforcing boundaries with difficult managers from last week, today we’re discussing how to best establish boundaries with your employees. This is one of the most important skills that managers can develop. It’s tempting to try to be one of the guys when it comes to engaging with […]

3 Tips to Working With a Difficult Manager

Find us someone who says they’ve never had to work with a difficult manager, and we’ll show you someone who hasn’t spent enough time in the workforce. One of the most difficult challenges to being happy and productive on the job can be working for a difficult person. Sometimes they’re micromanagers. Sometimes they are never […]

Why You Should Work with Bergman Brother’s for Your Disaster Clean Up Needs

When disaster strikes, you need the best of the best on your team to help get things back on track. We at Bergman Brothers Staffing specialize in providing qualified, skilled, and reliable temporary employees for environmental clean-up activities, hazardous waste removal, site remediation, and facility decontamination. We provide environmental companies state-accredited and certified environmental workers […]

Feeling Unmotivated at Work? Here’s How to Power Through

The fact is that everyone has bad days. Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by, even for the most professional folks in the industry. Long days and hard work on site can feel tiring. Or maybe you’re going through some personal issues at home. Any number of things can impact your attitude and motivation […]