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Modern Employee Benefits You Should Consider Offering to Your Employees

While it’s true that compensation will always be the key driving factor for why employees seek out specific jobs, the new breed of employee is coming to expect more than the basics when it comes to the benefits of working for a company. Studies actually show that money isn’t always the most important benefit you […]

How to Reach out to a LinkedIn Recruiter

If you’re not used to it, LinkedIn networking and the whole online recruiting process can seem daunting. You may be worried that you won’t say the right thing, or they won’t actually help you, or maybe you’re just shy. But actually, working with recruiters who reach out to you or who you reach out to […]

3 Reasons to Hire the Unexperienced Candidate

Hiring a candidate with little to no experience will not work in every industry or every position, however, if you’re hiring for a position that doesn’t require formal education, you may want to consider hiring the inexperienced candidate. Once you realize that so much of what is needed to succeed on the job is best […]

Why you Should Accept the Unglamorous Job Offer

Temporary jobs tend to get an undeserved bad reputation. When you are looking for long-term career development and financial stability, a short-term contract isn’t ideal. But the truth is that not even the really glamorous jobs are perfect. There will be times where it makes sense to accept the less than perfect offer on the […]

Summer Safety: How to Keep your Team Safe on the Job

With the summer heat in full swing, it’s important that your employees take extra precautions to stay safe on the job. Even if your employees love the great weather that comes with the change in seasons, it’s important to help keep them cool to keep them productive. The risks associated with you doing otherwise, including […]

5 Reasons to Work (Other than Money!)

When we think about our jobs, the primary motivation is generally financial. Making money is often what guides people in what work they choose to do, what company they work for, or even their schedule. Of course, with working, comes the stress and anxiety of making ends meet. Trying to meet deadlines or finish projects […]