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10 Tips for Being a Top Tier Employee

What does being a rockstar employee mean to you? Everyone has their own ideas of what it takes to succeed on the job, but there are several things that employers look for that resonate across companies and even industry differences.

The bottom line is that while it can be easy to coast through life and not rock the boat, the people who really lean into their work are the ones who succeed. Be a better employee with these tips, and who knows? Maybe these tips will help pave the way to even better career opportunities.

1.) Be a Doer

According to the Harvard Business Review, studies have consistently found that a small proportion of the workforce tends to drive a large proportion of organizational results. This is true across a range of tasks, industries, and organizations. Make sure you are in a position where your work is impactful and that you are avoiding complacency. Be a doer even if you’re the one who does the most.

2.) Be Team Minded

Interestingly, success is rarely just about the work one person does. The saying goes that a rising tide lifts all boats. Be the tide that helps your team grow as a unit, not just focusing on your own success.

3.) Help the Business Grow

Helping your team and the business grow means doing more than just what’s needed on a day-to-day basis. It means thinking long-term. Top tier employees know that by jumping in to solve complex problems, and even supporting other team members where it’s needed, can make a big difference in the overall success of a company.

4.) Be a Mentor

Being someone who the team turns to for support, mentorship, and learning opportunities will easily make you a top tier employee. Employees who lean into mentorship opportunities are who employers are looking to hire and retain for long-term success.

5.) Be a Leader

Similarly, those who step into a natural leadership role are more likely to succeed than those who take a back seat in terms of team engagements. Leaders (whether or not they are in positions of leadership) help drive business success and rally the workforce to do their best each day.

6.) Be a Culture Driver

Workplace culture can make or break the success of a company. And those businesses with great cultures build that reputation on the experience and strengths of their best employees. Those who are able to shift the culture towards high-performing and positive experiences really are worth hanging on to.

7.) Be an Expert in Your Field

Expertise is something that will differentiate you from other candidates or employees easily. Your knowledge and experience are what your employer needs you to bring to the table, so make sure you continue to build out your expertise, stay on top of changing technologies and trends, and also be generous with your knowledge. This will set you apart from those who just show up to do their work.

8.) Be a Strong Communicator

Social skills are something pretty much everyone brings to the table. But those who are able to communicate best are the ones who are able to perform the best. Work is about so much more than doing a job. You need to be able to share the what, why, and how of your work to really succeed.

9.) Be a Self Manager

Those employees who require relatively little direction, who are able to take a project on and run with it with little intervention from their manager, are the people employers want to hold on to. Making your manager’s job easier through self-management skills will help you succeed in any role.

10.) Have the Drive to Succeed

Lastly, employers look for drive, or the will and motivation to work hard, achieve, and do what it takes to get the job done. Work ethic is something that not everyone values, but the high-potential employees who make an impact have it in spades. Make sure you are driven towards success each and every day.


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