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Essential Steps to Earning a Promotion this Year

So this is the year you’re finally going after that big promotion you’ve been thinking about. Good for you! Don’t know quite where to start? Here are four essential steps that will help you fast track your career this year and earn that promotion after all.

Have an honest conversation

Sometimes a manager doesn’t know when an employee is ready for more responsibility until they signal that they are. Asking for more responsibility at work is often best supported by examples of how you have handled challenging tasks well in the past. Call out the signals in your work style and approach as proof points for why you would handle more responsibility when it is given to you. These signals can include your leadership skills, your technical understanding, and even how much you have learned on the job. By building your manager’s confidence in your capabilities, they will likely be delighted to hand over more complex work to someone they know will manage it well for them.

Volunteer for Challenging Projects

If outright asking for more responsibility doesn’t result in clear differences, there are things you can do on your own as well to build that trust. One of the most important things you can do is to offer to help others where help is needed. Challenge yourself to identify and then work to solve complex problems that don’t have a clear solution. Your expertise and experience can help you look at things from a unique perspective. Once you are able to address real-world challenges, responsibility will likely come your way whether or not you ask for it. So put yourself out there and see how you can push your career forward with an aim to develop your skills even further.

Request and Incorporate Feedback

Top performers will regularly solicit input and feedback on their work efforts in order to better understand what is expected and what they can do to improve. The ability to accept criticism and learn from the feedback of others is critical to personal and professional growth. Maintaining a certain authenticity through this process is also a great trait for potential leadership to have. Rather than getting defensive, great employees ask for how they can improve. Then act on those recommendations when they are on point. It’s a professional strength and a sign that someone is eager to move forward beyond their current stage.

Thrive in Autonomy

Being able to take on challenging projects, understand the KPIs of success, and motivate others are important signs of top-performing employees, but another trait that is very common is a preference for self-direction. Being able to work well on your own is key to convincing others that you can handle more responsibility. No one wants to hold your hand through your workday. They need to be able to delegate to you and trust that you can solve problems as they arise. That doesn’t mean never asking for help and direction when it’s needed. But rather, it means knowing when you have the skills and information you need to act on your own without bogging others down as well.

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