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Doing More with Less: How to Operate While Short-Staffed

Many companies all across the United States are struggling to find workers to fill their open roles. Shifting work expectations, unreliable childcare or school closures, and frequent illnesses have all impacted the reliability of the workforce that is currently in circulation. Beyond that, the Great Resignation has resulted in large numbers of employees taking the risk of leaving their current job in hopes of finding something better. But the work is still there, and businesses need help filling open roles.

Here are a few tips for making ends meet and getting the most of your team, even when you’re short-staffed.


Prioritize the Work

When there is more work to do than there are workers to do it, you need to reprioritize. Figuring out what is both urgent and important to maintaining the success and viability of your business is key. Things that can wait, should be put on the back burner. Things that seem urgent but which are actually not important should be dropped. Making sure that your team understands what is expected of them during times when you are short-staffed requires frequent and clear communication. Make sure you are on the same page with your team and that you are not burning through your workforce at an even faster pace than they are already experiencing.

Cross-train Your Team

In sports, the benefits of cross-training are clear. By mixing different activities into a regular workout routine one can avoid overuse injuries, balance the development between muscle groups, and prevent boredom. The same may be said of cross-training in the workplace. Employees involved in cross-training programs become skilled at tasks outside the usual parameters of their jobs and therefore become much greater assets for their company while gaining knowledge and skills that benefit them both personally and professionally.

Cross-training in the business world involves teaching an employee who was hired to perform one job function the skills required to perform other job functions. For example, having everyone trained on the use and function of commonly used tools and workflows can help your business stay ahead of things when someone needs to take a vacation or is out sick. A cross-trained workforce has the flexibility to cover for team members when they need support, or when you just need an extra set of hands when your team is stretched thin.

Bring In Temporary Support

Working with a staffing agency to hire temporary employees to cover when you are short-staffed is another great way to make sure you stay productive in difficult times. Staffing partners know how to build and maintain a high-value talent pipeline that places skilled workers when and where you need them. Bergman brothers in particular thrives on placing temporary staff in the construction, industrial cleaning and environmental staffing services.


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