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5 Soft Skills Needed for Any Job

The way we work with people, the way we communicate, and the way we lead teams are some of the most valuable skillsets that anyone can bring to a job. Those soft skills are critically important to being successful long-term in a role or with a single company, but they are also what will help you get hired easily even within a competitive candidate pool, no matter what jobs you are applying for.

There are many different soft skills that can help candidates stand out from others, but here are five of the most appealing soft skills that will help you get noticed.

Problem Solving Skills

A great engineer is methodical and takes a thoughtful approach to problem-solving. The work itself might be technical in nature, but the ability to work through problems rather than let a project stall or remain blocked is a special skill set that differentiates the good from the great. Rushing to a solution when problems need to be solved is how errors and inaccuracies make things worse. A candidate with great problem-solving skills will be more valuable to an employer than one with even more experience but without the ability or will to work through challenges.

Project Management Skills

Similarly, great project management skills are a critical asset in any industry. A candidate with a great project management skillset can make the difference between landing a large project on time and on budget. On the other hand, the lack of this crucial skillset can not only delay and derail a project, but it can also damage the company’s reputation with the client and can potentially cause monetary damage. It doesn’t matter how great you may be with numbers. If you can’t communicate or collaborate effectively, you are not serving the business.

Teambuilding and Leadership Skills

The importance of teamwork skills is difficult to overstate. Great teamwork is at the heart of any successful organization. A good team player can get others around him or her excited about the project and deliver work which is exponentially greater than any one individual can achieve. This is a critical skill in managers where the success of the team and the company depends on working as a team and fostering a collaborative work environment. But it’s also important in technical workers who will inevitably need to work well with others in order to accomplish team goals.

Communication Skills

As is the case in almost every profession where one works with other people, communication skills are critical to getting the job done. Don’t let the general nature of this common soft skill lull you into thinking that it is not important. Communication skills include speaking, writing, listening, and you can’t have good communication skills without the others. Above all, good communication skills are about the ability to share information with coworkers, clients, and supervisors in such a way that results in understanding and collaboration. Which leads into our next skill…

Collaboration Skills

Just as most professionals work closely with other professionals, it is rare to see each staff member work exclusively within their own niche. Team dynamics depend on employees’ abilities to work with each other and build on each other’s ideas. Collaboration, or teamwork as it is often referred to in job descriptions, is the ability to work well with other people from a variety of different backgrounds and mindsets. Keeping that in mind, it’s good to recall positive examples of your collaboration skills in action to show rather than tell an interviewer what a great candidate you really are.


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